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What Our Customers are Saying

Dr. Rupert Brook of Saddlebrooke, Arizona writes, “We have been buying McClain's jams and marmalades by the case for 10 years. The No Sugar Added product is especially appreciated since one of us is diabetic. The orange marmalade flavor is outstanding!”
Mr. Byron Souder drove a couple hours to our Sarasota store from Polk City to purchase a case of our No Sugar Added spreads and butters. He told us, “It’s like no other he has tasted”. Being a diabetic, he wanted to follow his diet but not skimp on taste.
Pam Menefee from Valparaiso Indiana tell us about our Vidalia Onion Honey Mustard Sauce, “I bought this product when I was in Fla. visiting my mom in Bonita Springs and totally love it...buying it on line. So glad I can!”
Joseph Puglisi from Hollis, NY tell us, “I bought the Vidalia Onion Honey Mustard Sauce in Florida and use it on grilled fish - it is delicious”.
Steve Stedman from Virginia Beach sends us an email saying, "As a customer for over 5 years we are just elated that there are still businesses that have terrific products and great customer service. The jelly we buy is the onlly jelly allowed to sit in our pantry closet. Keep up the good work".
Kim Manning from Idaho tell us that a family member gave them our Vidalia Onion Honey Mustard and Dill Delight and her whole family loved it. She was so glad that she could order more from our website.
Genevieve Hannon from New Jersey sends us an email that says - Happy New Year. I received my three jars of Seven Keys Coconut Toast Spread and I am so excited about them. They are a dream come true to me bringing back memories of my vacations the first seven years of my life in Florida. After many years of cravings, I found your website through Google. I haven't had it in 30 years and it is just as delicious as I remember. I am so happy and I thank you.